Siebtechnik asphalt screening machine TYPE HN

IMG 6416

Technical machine specifications:

Details of screen boxes:

- The screen boxes are made of a bolted and vibrationproof construction of S235 JRG2 steel.

- A double shaft drive secures a nice lineair vibration.

- The drives are mounted outside the dust protection cover.

- The bearings are constructed for oil lubrication. 

- Vibratory isolation with springs in V shape.

- The drives are powered by two sets of drive belts with pullies. 

The Record screen deck set:

Consists of 10 screen decks with apertures of 3,0, 7,1, 10,0, 18,0, 24,0 and 45,0. mm

Dive unit:

powered by two electric motors with a direct start in housing B3. These motors are protected according to class IP 54.

Dustproof housing of sheet metal with steel reinforcements and 2 motor consoles for mounting the electro motors, the inlet shute and inspection holes. Splitted cover to alllow acces for the drive arms and all nessescary protection covers for the unbalance- and V-belts. Also equipped with removable covers for the insulation springs, flanches for air dedusting installations and with a moveable exit shute with intregrated slide plates. Further opties: Internal bypass, inlet boxes, etc.